Katie Alaya Green on Or Die Trying

A series about women in film, made by women in film.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s really happening.

Or Die Trying follows the stories of four millennial women working in the Los Angeles film industry. The series has just recently started production, and it looks like the representation that women in film deserve. What is especially interesting about the production of this series, is that the producers have committed to having their team made up of at least 85% women in an effort to fight the gender inequality within the film industry.

I caught up with three of filmmakers behind the series to talk about Or Die Trying; Camila Martins (Director), Myah Hollis (Creator/Executive Producer), and Sarah Hawkins (Executive Producer). We discussed the inspiration behind Or Die Trying, millennials, and role models; keep on reading to see the full interview!

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